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Di Giorgio mod.18
1974 circa. Made in Brasil
Rands Strat replica
1976 circa. Japanease made Fender Strat replica. Basswood body with maple neck. 21 fret. Originally finished in vintage cream, was re-finished in blue sparkling with a single Bill Lawrence XL500 Lead pickup and a custom tremolo with nut block somewhere around 1985. Later was stripped down again to natural unfinished wood. All the original pickups and hardware was reinstalled.
Fender Stratocaster USA
1982/83 USA made Fender Stratocaster. Alder body, rosewood neck, 21 frets. All original except for all the plastic parts (originally in white)
Kramer Stagemaster DeLuxe
1986. Kramer Stagemaster DeLuxe American line. Mohogany body and neck with ebony fretboard, 24 fret. Seymour duncan Vintage staggered single coils (x2) + JB humbuker
Cort M600
2005. Cort M600. Korea made. Mohogany body and neck. Rosewood fretbord. 22 fret. 2x humbucker with split coil push pull knob under tone control.
Cort AS-1
mid '90. Cort AS-1 passive-piezo acoustic guitar. Quite rare model. Solid body. 6 string with custom Nashville tunings.
Fender Telecaster (custom assembled)
2006. Custom assembled guitar from genuine Fender parts. Telecaster Highway 1 Ash body (USA), Telecaster maple neck with rosewood fretboard 22 frets (JAP). Fender vintage '62 pickups set.
Danelectro mod. 59/12
late '90. Danelectro mod 59 12 string. Korea made. Plywood body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Two danelectro lipsticks pickups.
Takamine EG334
2002. Japan made. Acoustic Takamine model EG334 6 string.
Yamaha FG 411
Year unknown. Yamaha FG411 Japan made acoustic guitar 6 string. Custom Nashville tunings.
Yamaha APX-N500
2000. Yamaha APX-N500 nylon string guitar. Piezo-electro pickup.
Fender Champion deluxe
1972. All original Fender USA Champion Studio Deluxe
"LesTele" first prototype
Mahogany Body / Maple Neck - Rosewood Fretboard / Gibson Classic '57 / Gibson Classic '57 plus / Hardtail Bridge
Ibanez SR 605
Ash body, jatoba e bubinga neck, rosewood fretboard. 2x pickup Bartolini MK1
Chapman STICK
10 Strings / Indian Rosewood / ACTV2 EMG - Active Pickup / Linear Glow Markers / Double Bass reciprocal Tuning
Prudencio Saez Laud 55
2012. Prudencio Saez Spanish laud mod 55. Made in Spain with a solid spruce top, solid sapelly for the back and sides and ebony fingerboard.
Fender FM52E
2010. Fender FM52E mandolino.
Eko Bouzouki
early '80. Eko bowl back Bouzouki.
Combo amps
mid '90. Marshall Valvstate S80 / 1986. Roland JC120
2016. Laney Cub Head 15. All tube guitar amp
Carvin preamp
late '80. Carvin Quad X-Amp. All tube four channels guitar preamp. Mono in stereo out.
Fractal Audio
Fractal Audio A-xe FX II MK2
Rack mkI - untill 2013
used during "The River" studio recording sessions / Furman PL8 II E / Line6 Pod Pro / TC Electronic 2290 / Alesis Quadraverb / Korg Triple Delay SDD 3300 / Dynacord Leslie Emulator CLS 222 / Lexicon LXP15 / Rane mixer SM26B / Behringer Compressor / Digital Music GCX Audio Switcher / Behringer BTR2000 rack tuner / Ibanez Phase tone (phaser) / Ibanez CS 505 (chorus) / Locobox AD-01 (analog delay) / Chandler Tube driver (tube preamp) / El. Harmonix Electric Mistress Deluxe (flanger) / Line6 Echo Park (echo/reverse) / All cables are Evidence Audio
Rack mkII (2013-2017)
used for "The River Live Rehearsal" DVD and "Next Station" studio recording sessions / Furman PL8 II E / TC Electronic 2290 / Alesis Quadraverb / Alesis Multiverb 4 / Rane mixer SM26B / Dynacord Leslie Emulator CLS 222 / Digital Music GCX Audio Switcher / Behringer BTR2000 rack tuner / Stompbox first row / Mxr Dynacomp (compressor) - original from 1976 / Ibanez CS 505 (chorus) / Line6 Echo Park (echo/reverse) / Carl Martin Compressor (compressor) / Stompbox second row / Ibanez Phase tone (phaser) / Stompbox third row / TC NovaDrive (overdrive-distortion) / Chandler Tube driver (tube preamp) / El. Harmonix Electric Mistress Deluxe (flanger) / All cables are Evidence Audio
Pedalboard for rack MK1
Boss FV500H / Carl Martin - Comp/Lim / Boss FS6 (for Dynacord CLS222) / Line6 Floor Control (for Pod Pro) / Digital Music - Ground Control (for GCX and all midi rack)
Elixir Strings
For all my electric and acoustic guitars I use only ELIXIR Strings. They are simply the best. Period. Top level customer support also included.
Evidence Audio
My cables of choice

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