The River Live Rehearsal
The making of a live show
The third excerpt from the documentary
“The River Live Rehearsal – The making of a live show”
Full HD 1080p

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“This Time” from “The River – Both Sides Of The Story” CD

Live credits:
Marco De Angelis: Guitars
Marcello Catalano: Vocals
Cristiano Micalizzi: Drums
Francesco Luzzio: Bass
Max Ranucci: Guitars
Claudio Perini: Guitars
Marco Quagliozzi: Keyboards
Desirèe Petrocchi: Backing Vocals
Simona Rizzi: Backing Vocals
Cristiana Polegri: Backing Vocals

Director: A.M. Castagna
Sound Engineer: Fabrizio Facioni
Lighting Tech: Fabio Avallone
Cameramen: Luca Bucciarelli, A.M. Castagna, Antonio Procopio
Set Still: Pamela Pompei, Antonio Procopio, Alessandro Mondo, Umberto Bagni.
Backliner: Valter Bottoni

Recorded live @ Mamo Creativity Center – Rome


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